The Academy of Applied English

Asia Pacific

Workplace English

Speaking on the phone or in meetings, listening effectively, writing emails and reports, taking part in discussions and negotiations. These typical workplace situations are all covered in our Workplace English learning programme.

Carefully developed by our team, this course comprises a series of modules that can be taken individually or as a whole. Divided into a series of very practical units, this course is designed to enable you to communicate confidently and effectively in the workplace. It will widen your knowledge and range of business English vocabulary and improve your level of fluency in all situations.

We are proud of this core Applied English course, which has taken many hours to develop, ensuring that it is rooted in the real-world. Our training team has used their extensive experience to only include course content that is highly relevant to the challenges and context of communicating in the modern workplace.

The course focuses on business and workplace-related practical communication skills such as telephoning, emailing, taking part in meetings, negotiating and socialising. In each class our instructors will supplement the course theory with a range of authentic materials, including presentations, news articles and web content.

Each class is designed with an emphasis on practical, so that you can put newly acquired skills and disciplines into practice instantly, with careful feedback and guidance from your instructors.