About Us

Whether working with us online or in-person, the range of Applied English programmes will satisfy the needs of anyone who must communicate proficiently at work in English.

The Academy of Applied English is a contemporary language skills training provider. We instruct and coach non-native speaking adults to communicate effectively in English in the workplace. Our clients are discerning individuals and organisations throughout Asia. 

With the world’s dependence on messaging apps and social media, it’s easy to forget that at the heart of all business is a human connection. As individuals at work, our natural communication ability is what binds us all together, and also distinguishes us. In fact, this ability to communicate effectively—whether through speech or writing—is often considered the most important professional skill.


The English language has played a major role in modern globalization, becoming the language of choice for business communication of many different nationalities. 

Applied English focuses on Asia, which ranks second in the world after Europe for its dominance of non-native English speakers. There’s a clear correlation between English proficiency and economic competitiveness in the region and communicating to varying degrees in English is increasingly essential for employees of Asian organisations.

We deliver structured group courses and personal tuition in highly practical formats, both online and in our clients’ workplaces.


We aim to enable individuals to thrive in all typical work-related communication situations, whether speaking English on the phone, writing emails and reports, taking part in meetings, negotiating, or just listening effectively. 

Applied English also provides coaching to address more advanced and technical workplace communication situations, such as delivering impactful speeches, handling media interviews, and leading business pitches.

Given the cosmopolitan nature of modern Asia, many of our clients use English in cross-cultural contexts. Our instruction and coaching reflect this, ensuring our customers get to practice in a realistic medium that combines linguistic competence with the soft skills of the modern Asian workplace.

At the core of our offering is a team of highly experienced, mature native speaking instructors and coaches. They are not just seasoned communicators and English language experts, but also impart valuable practical insight gained from many years of business experience and knowledge of different industries in the region.

Our goal is simple: to boost a key workforce skill that gives employers the ability to perform better and achieve results, while enabling employees to succeed in their professional lives and go on to accomplish their career aspirations.