The Academy of Applied English

Asia Pacific

About Us

The Academy of Applied English (“Applied English”) provides workplace English language communication courses to non-native speakers. Our curriculum is designed for adults who aspire to improve  their lives and careers by speaking and writing better English, whether that’s at University, in the workplace or in another country.
We offer competitively-priced practical courses that are delivered by experienced, knowledgeable native English speaking professionals either in person or via our engaging web-based virtual classrooms.
We recognize that knowing English can open doors to unlimited opportunities personally and professionally. As such we cater for both individuals and corporate customers.

How We Are Different

Applied English stands out from many other English language teaching providers in important ways:

  • Our focus is on improving workplace English communication skills. We are not a school with a high churn rate of students learning basic language skills in order to pass school exams. We are dedicated to helping individuals for whom English fluency is crucial to their life and career aspirations.
  • Our instructors and tutors are handpicked and are all native English speakers with lengthy “real world” workplace communications experience.
  • All our courses are designed in-house and updated regularly. This distinction makes our learning approach highly relevant and engaging, so that students can confidently apply what they learn with us in any workplace context or social environment.
  • We offer a versatile and highly engaging live online classroom experience, which is not Skype-on-a-shoestring.
  • We provide advanced training (See “Applied Situations”) for individuals who want to learn and practice specific (and often challenging) real-world communication formats. These courses are delivered by experts in those disciplines.

Live and Interactive

We use a world-leading instructional and learning platform that enables students to engage with and learn from English-speaking communications experts who they would not otherwise have access to.

But, this is not learning by Skype. Classes function in an effective and interactive manner as they would if they were held in a physical location. Students can work in groups or one-on-one, get questions answered and receive help with homework or other assignments.

Other important benefits to this format of instruction include:

  • proven effectiveness of live, web-based learning
  • significantly reduced teleconferencing and travel costs
  • ease of scheduling and decreased time away from other commitments
  • connecting students from different locations and cultures, making classes truly collaborative and fun.

Our Curriculum and Classes

Because our focus is on improving English skills, we offer a range of courses that meet the learning needs and ambitions of discerning adults. We also offer bespoke, tailored group classes to meet the specific requirements of organisations whose staff must achieve English fluency for a certain vocation or with a specific objective in mind.

Applied English classes are led by highly professional, qualified instructors who students meet face-to-face and become familiar with through our powerful online platform. As a teaching medium, this format is highly adaptable and allows students to participate at their own convenience, anytime, anywhere, whether from the comfort of their home, in the office or in a hotel. Online classes achieve a high level of student interaction and involvement.

All Applied English Courses include:

  • A placement test and needs analysis before the course starts, as required
  • Live classes delivered through our state-of-the-art online platform, allowing flexibility according to students’ schedules
  • Recording of all classes, with the ability for content to be replayed, reviewed and discussed
  • Access to course materials during and after a course ends
  • Progress checks and tutorials for longer-term students or subject matter specialists
  • Applied English certificate showing students achievements, which is recognised by employers and institutions worldwide
  • Technical support

Dedicated to Asia

The company behind the Academy for Applied English is a Hong Kong Kong-based executive skills training organisation which has been delivering its services to individual and corporate clients throughout the Asia Pacific region for over two decades. Based on this extensive experience, we established Applied English with the objective of going beyond traditional language learning models and providing a format that truly enables adults to grasp practical English according to their specific circumstances and life goals.